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Website Requirements To Seek From Web Developers In Phoenix

It is very important to give the visitors of your website a fantastic experience. This will make them stay longer and come back often. According to web developers in Phoenix, it takes less than a minute for most visitors to decide either to browse your website further or to leave. So, giving them great experience will make them stay longer.

According to most web developers in Phoenix, prospective customers usually assess your brand with the quality of your website since your website is usually their first point of contact. So, you need to give the visitors of your website and your customers the very best experience.

This is the reason a lot of web developers in Phoenix usually send out surveys on user experience before designing new website. It is because they understand the importance of user experience to the success of any website. Here are a few tips to give great user experience.

Your website should be mobile friendly

Right now, over 93 percent of internet users do so via mobile devices. So, it has become not just an option, but a must to make your website mobile friendly. The wrong move begins from making your website ask prospective visitors for their preferred version between mobile version and PC version.

Why would any mobile user want a PC version of your website? The question sounds a little silly and annoying. So, your website should assume the proper version for the device on which it is accessed. When any user visits your website via a Pc, then he should get the PC version.

Less typing

Typing is difficult on the PC and it is much worse when done on mobile device. So, you should design your website to make visitors and customers type less. A very good example is to reduce the registration form and also reduce the questions they have to answer.

For instance, you can merge all the three fields for first name, middle name, and last name together to one field and name it “full name”. Another mistake to avoid is asking for preferred currency during checkout. Your website should select currency based on the location of the user instead of asking. If a customer tries to check out while in the UK, then the currency should be British Pounds.


Like they say, less is more. People prefer websites that they can easily use. Design your website in such a way that, it will be easy for any user to navigate his way through. You need to make your website as intuitive as possible.

Fast loading

Humans are generally impatient in nature so your website should load as fast as possible. An ideal website should not take up to 10 seconds to load. You should be careful in choosing your web host. Your choice of web host plays a prominent role in the speed of your website and its reliability.


If you want customers from all over the world, then your website should be multilingual. The version that will be displayed should be based on the location of the visitor. For instance, if a user visits your website from a French-speaking country, then the French version of your website should be displayed for him.

In conclusion, these few tips will help you improve user experience on your website.


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