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Web Development Company In Phoenix: Five Tips To Guarantee An Improved Web Design

Within the first few seconds that a visitor lands on your page, he/she must be able to tell what you do. If your visitors cannot state clearly what you are doing, who you are doing it for, and why you are doing it even after a minute of being on your site, then you may need to consider a complete overhaul of your web development strategy.

Below are five tips how a web development company in Phoenix can guarantee you an improved web design;

1) Have a plan:

In order to have a well-functioning website that can guarantee the best user experience, you have to begin the web development process with a solid plan. You just don’t start designing a website, you must have a structure in place termed the buyer’s journey, which maps out customer’s experience right from when they land on your page to when they become a customer.

You must ensure that the journey is smooth and easy for the customer. You must know what pages they are going to be visiting, and what content they are going to read. The lesser the better, try as much as possible to cut down on the number of steps the buyer must pass through before arriving at the final page.

2) Drop off the excess baggage:

Another Phoenix web development tip is to drop off any excess baggage. The complexity of your website doesn’t show how professional your business is, it may actually have a more detrimental implication. Google is the most used search engine in the world and one of the most successful, yet its website is about the simplest ever. Avoid using text that are too long or complicated animations, they only serve to detract the visitors’ attention from the core offering of your website.

With the attention span of online readers dropping to as low as 8 seconds, it is highly important to create a strong first impression and let your audience know in good time what you have to offer.

3) Include social sharing buttons:

One of the major advantages of digital marketing is the wide reach that it offers, particularly via social media platforms. One of the most effective methods of improving the reach of your content is by the inclusion of social sharing buttons at the top or bottom of your content. This encourages your readers to share your content with their followers, hence generating tremendous traffic for your website.

4) Include call-to-actions:

Visitors to your website may not know what to do, or may know it and just be reluctant unless your state it clearly in their face. Call-to-actions are one of the most effective Phoenix web development tip to get improved conversion rate. Some examples of call-to-action include “get more information here”, “sign up for this webinar”, “download free journal” etc.

5) Use the proper images:

Images speak louder than words. You can communicate a thousand words to an audience with just one single image. Therefore, it is important you employ the right images to communicate your messages. Make sure your images are as genuine as possible. Use images of your real staff and office space if you are trying to communicate that, and not just stock images you downloaded on the web.


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